Crypto documentary series aired on Discovery Science Channel

What they really don't wan't you to know about Dash!

Dash is breaking away with regards to integrations, partnerships and developments that advocates of other Crypto Currencies have become frightened of Dash's future dominance. Unfortunately for most of these other Crypto Currency projects Dash as a platform is well and truly in the driving seat on so many levels.
Lets take a look at some of the achievements in 2017 and upcoming events:
More big news still to come in the coming month
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Binance has published an open letter addressed to YouTube and its community to warn against the serious problem of channel hacking. For some time now, there has been a serious problem on the leading online video platform in the world, which is not only penalizing YouTubers, but mainly encouraging scams aimed at the viewers. The content of the channel mainly covers Meetups that Binance have organized. For example, meetups taking place in cities including Malta, Singapore, and Manila are all covered on the YouTube channel. There is not a huge diversity of content on the channel. Outside of Meetup videos, there are also some promotional videos such as trading competitions. The channel also previews some features of ... Blockchain Documentary Set To Premiere On Discovery Science Channel “Open Source Money,” a documentary series about the story of a cryptocurrency company will be set to premiere this July across the United States. While it does touch on Bitcoin, its focus is on a major corporate blockchain project. According to latest news, Discovery ... April 29, Ripple CTO David Schwartz noted that a YouTube Channel established by him was canceled. And after a long time of span, it was recognized when his company classified a case against social media. Schwartz tweeted “I wonder who they think I was impersonating “. Just for impersonation, YouTube canceled his channel. Open source, a new crypto documentary series aired on Saturday, July 4th, and premiered on Discovery science channel. The new crypto documentary provided Discovery Science channel viewers with information about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Initial coin offering, and crypto generally.. The crypto documentary is to continue this summer airing on the same channel with a number of episodes shown weekly. Top Bitcoin Documentary Movies. The films below are some of the top bitcoin films: Banking On Bitcoin. Year: 2016. See trailer: 7.7/10 . Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It Year: 2015. See trailer: 7.1/10. The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin Year: 2014. See trailer: 7.3/10. The Bitcoin Gospel Year: 2015. See trailer: 8/10. The Bitcoin Story Year: 2015. See trailer: 7.2/10. History of Bitcoin Year ... Share:Bitcoin Documentary: Beyond The Bubble A popular blockchain video posted on YouTube by 100thMonkeyChannel. The Bitcoin Documentary "Beyond the Bubble" is an educational watch where you can get a better understanding of what Bitcoin, Blockchain, and CryptoCurrencies are. The documentary focuses the underlying principles of Bitcoin (₿) in comparison to FIAT money ($). This is a 35 minute ... Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your password If a YouTube channel strictly talks about Bitcoin, every video that will be published from the channel should only be Bitcoin related and nothing else. However, if it talks about cryptocurrencies and coins generally, it is allowed to talk about Bitcoin and Altcoins anyhow it wishes. Most of these videos only focus on top Altcoins and not just any random type. The Blockchain and Us – The award-winning “The Blockchain and Us” is the first documentary film about blockchain technology. Bitcoin, Crypto, Satoshi …

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